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Welcome to Inductotherm Group China

Inductotherm Group China: Inductotherm Group USA is a world leading group of companies specializing in induction melting, heating, heat treating, and welding equipment. The group originated from the field of induction melting applications, and consists of 40 subsidiary companies around the world, serving such industries as metallurgy, foundry, automobile, machinery, electronics, construction and many more.

Inductotherm Group China is a wholly owned member of Inductotherm Group dedicated to serve Chinese market by supplying specialized heating, melting, heat treating, and welding equipment. There are two major facilities in China: R&D, engineering, sales management in Shanghai and production/manufacturing in Wuxi. So far, the company is staffed with nearly 500 employees, among whom 189 employees are engineering and technical staffs while over 200 employees are management personnel. Inductotherm Group China has engaged in the engineering, manufacturing, installation and localization of technology.

Inductotherm Group China offers thermal processing products from the following Inductotherm Group companies/divisions: INDUCTOTHERM, LONG PRODUCTS, INDUCTOHEAT, CONSARC, THERMATOOL.

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Inductotherm Group companies use electromagnetic induction for melting, heating and welding applications across multiple industries. But what exactly is induction? And how does it differ from other heating methods?

To the typical engineer, induction is a fascinating method of heating. Watching a piece of metal in a coil turn cherry red in a matter of seconds can be surprising to those unfamiliar with induction heating. Induction heating equipment requires an understanding of physics, electromagnetism, power electronics and process control, but the basic concepts behind induction heating are simple to understand.