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Engineered Structural Sections

Thermatool is the global leading brand of custom beam section HF Welding lines.

Patented in 1970, Thermatool™ Engineered Structural Section Lines have been field proven again and again for structural HF Welded beam production. With the advent of new steel chemistries and improved flat rolled steel technologies, HF Welded Engineered Structural Section production is meeting ever-growing infrastructure demands by providing innovative engineered solutions to structural design problems. An alternative to hot-rolled standard structural I and H beams is now available to architects and engineers intent on creating innovative designs by using different strength materials in web and flanges of beams to save weight and improve load-carrying strength. Along with the ability to use different materials, asymmetric structural geometries can be designed for specific applications. Thermatool™ Engineered Structural Section Lines can then produce HF Welded sections cost effectively and in volumes consistent with custom design requirements.

The HF forge weld, proven to be the strongest weld available, is accomplished through Thermatool™ HF Solid State Contact Welders. The combination of selecting the right power and frequency gives structural sections producers the ability to successfully weld different materials including Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Advanced High Strength Steel and even Weathering Steels.



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  • Flexibility to change the sizes of web and flange dimensions simply by changing slit coil dimensions
  • Material for web and flange can be different grades of steel to save cost and weight
  • Engineered Structural Sections Lines are designed for coil to coil or with accumulators for continuous production
  • In-line beam straightening section ensures tight tolerance beam geometries at the output of the line
  • Flying saw cutoff is provided to cut beams to desired length, in-line
  • Ability to store and retrieve setup parameters for consistent repeatability
  • Additional materials can be welded including: Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, HSLA, AHSS

Tech Specs

Product size ranges:
50 mm – 100 mm web height
100 mm – 500 mm web height

Special applications with web height up to 700 mm available

Line layout includes:

  • Coil infeed for three strips (two flanges, one web)
  • Optional accumulators
  • Strongback section for HF Weld process
  • Two HF Contact Welders (top-flange and bottom-flange)
  • Optional in-line post weld heat treat
  • In-line Straightening Section
  • Flying cutoff
  • All material handling and controls