Mach I Flying Shear

Alpha™ High Speed Flying Shears provide tube producers with the highest cuts per minute at speeds up to 1000 fpm (300 mpm). The patented Alpha™ double-cut dieset cuts dimple-free ready-for-market product directly off the mill.  High precision cut capacity  (± 0.039 inches (1.0 mm) at full speed) eliminates the need for expensive post-processing and enables the producer to deliver cut-to-length pieces directly to secondary operations or to the end user.

All Alpha™ Flying Shears utilize a high performance rack and pinion drive which reduces cut cycle times making short part length production a reality. Closed-loop servo control ensures constant monitoring of tube speed, dieset position/velocity and ram position. The final result is high cut-length accuracy and the shortest cycle times available.

Alpha™ Mach I™ Flying Shear: 0.375 inches (9.5 mm) to 2 inches (50.8 mm) OD with a max wall of 0.125 inches (3.175 mm)

Maximum Material Ultimate Tensile Strength: 55ksi


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  • Distortion-free shearing at high speeds with the double-cut dieset option
  • Heavy duty press frame, enclosed for maximum safety
  • Swinging ram design
  • High performance rack and pinion drive system for superior length control
  • Upright or Inclined (for non-round geometries) orientations available
  • Single or Double cut dieset option available
  • Programmable for multiple batch production
  • System diagnostics and simple maintenance fault display

Tech Specs

Tube Range 12.7 mm – 50.8 mm (0.500 inches – 2.000 inches) Double Cut
12.7 mm – 63.5 mm (0.500 inches – 2.500 inches) Single Cut
Wall Thickness 0.7 mm – 3.2 mm (0.028 inches – 0.125 inches)
Physical Dimensions  2054 mm (80 inches)L x 1354 mm (52 inches)W x 2144 mm (83 inches)H

From 80 cuts per minute with a minimum cut length of 0.76 m (30 inches) at 61 mpm (200 fpm) to 50 cuts per minute with a minimum cut length of 3.35 m (132 inches) at 168 mpm (550 fpm)


Alpha™ blades and jaws are precision tools for a precision dieset. Using genuine Alpha™ Tooling ensures correct operation and long dieset life.

Both horizontal and vertical blades can be supplied. Blade profiles are generated using computer aided design to achieve the optimum blade geometry for the application in question. ATS2 material offers increased blade life, especially with stainless and high tensile steels.

Alpha™ Shear Blades come in a variety of configurations designed to yield a specific benefit

  • Angle Point for square or profile tubing
  • Radius Point for round tube
  • Angle Radius Point/Double Radius for large diameter product
  • Offset Point for special non-round profiles

Available for the complete diameter range and equivalent profiles, Alpha™ jaw sets are manufactured from high strength steel and undergo a complex heat treatment process to ensure high wear resistance. Alpha™ jaw sets are precision tools engineered for long life and durability

  • Manufactured from high speed tool steel
  • Precision cut to a tolerance of ±0.004inches (0.102mm)
  • Hardened for long term durability